Who Is Amy Currie?

As we get closer to Comedy Commentary Cinema’s next event, we’d like to introduce our guest commentator Amy Currie!



With just one week until the next Comedy Commentary Cinema, some of you may be wondering what the hell our upcoming film is. Well, here’s a little info about Escape From Galaxy 3!

Who Are Rosa Sottile And Taylor Edwards

Rosa Sottile and Taylor Edwards are two of Brisbane’s funniest improvisers and sketch comedians. The duo have created some great comedy together as two of the founders of the improv group Big Fork Theatre, or the insane sketch comedy night Get It Inya! But it was destiny that the two should create comedy together, with…

Bye Steve, Hello Tim!

Steven Morgan is stepping down as host of Comedy Commentary Cinema, to be replaced by new host Tim Byrnes!

Bris Funny Fest 2nd – 20th August

Bris Funny Fest features acts from overseas, interstate and this very town. Catch over 45 shows of comedy across the city from 2nd to the 20th August. Tickets on sale now!

Who is Simone Eclair?

We take the time to find out “Who is Simone Eclair?”. You can catch Simone alongside Michael Connell at our next Comedy Commentary Cinema event at Saccharomyces Beer Cafe in South Brisbane on Monday July 3rd as they deconstruct Hands Of Steel.

Who Is Michael Connell?

Some comedians have a very distinct niche, a specific style which they find ways to make the most of, but limits the scope of what they can achieve. Michael Connell is not one of those. He’s a multi-talented man who juggles multiple styles in his sets ranging from clever wordplay to actual juggling. In his…

Hands Of Steel Facts

What would life be like if your hands were made of steel? Scientists may never know.

Who Is Brittany White?

Brittany White is a big name in the Brisbane impro scene, regularly performing as part of big name events around Brisbane bringing her unique, quick-witted comedy style to anything she’s involved with. She has a certain brand of black comedy which she masterfully handles which is as ridiculous as it is hilarious. It’s no wonder…

Who Is Luke Rimmelzwaan?

If you Google the name Rimmelzwaan, you get the supposed meaning of “Helpful, Knowledgeul, Shy” from a website called NamesLook. Now, I don’t go out of my way to be cynical, but I’m fairly sure that Knowledgeul isn’t a word and that Googling this has taught me nothing. When it comes to Rimmelzwaan, the only word you…