Hawk The Slayer: Edited Trailer

It isn’t a Comedy Commentary Cinema event without a ridiculous trailer that makes little to no sense. The original voiceover made fractionally more sense than what made it to the below, but who needs sense when you’ve got swords and sorcery? Music from Antiba.

Imaginary Friends Podcast

Jasmine Fairbairn describes our last event as “a bunch of nerds watch a weird movie about the slumber massacre” in episode 347 of The Imaginary Friends Podcast and we are totally fine about that.

Great Success!

Thanks to all that came down to our event last night, and those who stuck around after the fantastic Facebook Friends Forever.

Who Is Sam Bowden?

He’s one half of the dynamic duo performing at the Slumber Party Massacre event on July 6th, but just who is Sam Bowden?

Who Is Joel Spargo?

He’s one half of the dynamic duo performing at the Slumber Party Massacre event on July 6th, but just who is Joel Spargo?

Double Your Comedy

What if I were to tell you that on the same night as the next CCC, immediately before CCC is ANOTHER comedy event featuring three of Brisbanes finest?

Slumber Party Massacre Wed 6th July @ The Milk Factory

I realised that I neglected to announce our next event in any sort of official manner. Whilst the trailer I posted last week should have made it fairly obvious what was up, I can understand if some of you were panicking from this ridiculous oversight. As a result, here are the details on our next…

Slumber Party Massacre Trailer (edited)

Wondering what’s in store for our next CCC event on July 6th? Of course you are! You’re reading this right now! If you weren’t interested you’d have literally stopped reading already. There is nothing else to this message. Just the video. Yet here you are. Still reading. What’s wrong with you? There’s no hidden message…

Concrete Playground Write Up

Here’s a nice little write up from Concrete Playground. “The only place where chatting through a film is completely encouraged. There’s a time and a place for everything, and that includes talking, jeering and heckling in a cinema. Well, in a bar that’s screening a film, to be precise. Of course, the overall effect is…

Weekend Notes Feature

Thanks to Weekend Notes for their excellent write up on our event. Get your tickets for our May 18th event at The Milk Factory Bar & Kitchen here while you still can!