Samurai Cop Reviews

For those unfamiliar with the film Samurai Cop, here’s a taster of some of the reviews the movie has received to date:

“Every once in a while a film comes along that will be remembered for years… Samurai Cop should be of the latter category but despite its awfulness I doubt I will ever forget it.” Under The Gun

“Action isn’t the real draw here anyway, it’s a blend of unintentional comedy, amazingly dumb dialogue and all around bad film making that still has enough heart to make you want to sit through it. The one area where Samurai Cop excels in is entertainment value.” Expendables Premiere

“From actors visibly fluffing their lines, to a van stalling at the start of a car chase, every scene features a glaringly obvious cock-up that would be left on the cutting room floor elsewhere. But not with Samurai Cop.” WOW247

“Samurai Cop is among the top five action films of the past twenty years… scripted by an Iranian… and on the Hollywood Royal Pictures roster.” I’d even go so far as to add, “Well worth the price of a Netflix rental… assuming you’re taking the free trial offer.BMovie Buffet

I wish that the bulk of movies made today were one-tenth as entertaining Samurai Cop turns out to be.Cinema Retro


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