May 18th: Samurai Cop

Kristian Fletcher Events joins forces with Comedy Commentary Cinema at The Milk Factory featuring Jasmine Fairbairn & Chris Martin.
Have you ever been watching a movie at the cinema and wanted to laugh out loud at the diabetic sweetness of a sappy moment? Ever wanted to shout, “THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN” during any number of films staring Jason Statham? Ever felt the urge to throw things at the screen in protest? Well now you can (apart from that last one)!
Launching with SAMURAI COP from 1989:
A cop and his sidekick go after the Yakuza in this kung-fu-esque action comedy. Contender for the category of ‘so-bad-it’s-insane’.
Comedy Commentary Cinema have created a place where like-minded folk can congregate to celebrate the joy that is a good bad movie and re-create that living room atmosphere of a night in with friends.
A place where the shackles of polite cinema etiquette are discarded as the audience are encouraged to jeer, heckle and participate with the film creating a novel interactive cinema experience. As we know, nothing is as much fun as watching a bad film with friends.
Armed only with their wit and their laser pointers the comedians take you on a journey through weak plot lines, terrible dialogue, wooden acting and some of the worst special effects known to man. All while they provide you with a live Blu-ray style commentary just in case you missed the worst bits.
Join Jasmine Fairbairn (QLD Raw Finalist 2016), Chris Martin (Melbourne Comedy Festival 2016, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016), Steven Morgan (Large head, doesn’t suit hats) in this evening of samurais and shenanigans.
Arrive early for drinks and food – available to purchase from the bar.
Screening in our own private pop-up cinema.
Limited seating – buy tickets here.
18+ event

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