Scenestr review of CCC Samurai Cop

“audiences get a cathartic release from building cringe, with three comedians providing hilarious commentary to the worst cinema the world has to offer.”

“Comedians Steve Morgan, Jasmine Fairbairn, and Christopher Martin use their sharp wits to discuss the 1991 trash masterpiece ‘Samurai Cop’, providing deeper and more cutting hilarity than just making fun of how awful the film is (and, believe me, there is a lot to make fun of in this film).”

“the comedians commenting this disaster-piece give it the depth it’s so clearly lacking.”

” they begin to gel during an over-long and flaccid sex scene. The comedians end up having much more chemistry than the stars of the film.”

“From starting a count of the number of parking violations, to noticing the small number of locations chosen by the location scout, there are some great moments. One particular moment which stands out is when an observation about a lion’s head on a wall is made during a scene where the hero and his main romantic interest (he has a few) are conversing. From there, the trio riff off each other to the conclusion it’s actually the spirit of the love interest’s over protective father. This formula is nailed once again when the group realise the awkward background extras that seem to not know what to do with their hands probably believe this film will be their big break.”

“All-in-all, Comedy Commentary Cinema is a brilliant communal experience for those who struggle to remain silent during awful films. If you are the type of person who gets their fix from watching the latest holiday Garry Marshall has decided exploit, then change your prescription to Comedy Commentary Cinema.”


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