Killer Workout: Wed 16th November

We are thrilled to announce our next event Killer Workout with Ashwin Segkar and Emily McCool on Wednesday 16th November at The Milk Factory!


Richie, Charnstar and Tim Slayed The Hawk

A big thanks to our comedians last night and we’ll see you at the next CCC event in November!

Hawk The Slayer FACTS

Are you ready? Do you have your medieval costume ready? Nor me. Basically without Hawk The Slayer there would be no Game Of Thrones, no Star Wars, no Lord Of The Rings, hell even no Bible. That’s how amazing Hawk is. It transcends time. Did you know… A quote from the film is referenced in…

Who Is Charnstar Anderson?

If film were a sandwich, Charnstar would be the bread AND the filling. He’d also be the plate or container the sandwich rested upon, depending on where the sandwich came from. It’d taste of film. He would taste of film. 8mm film. It wouldn’t make for a great sandwich, but maybe you shouldn’t be eating people in the first place.

Who Is Richie Goodacre?

Richie’s comedy career was from a disadvantage from the start. He’s from New Zealand.