Who is Tim Byrnes?

In his own words, Tim Byrnes is a professional idiot. He’s not trying to overthrow the government, or at least not on stage. In fact, he’s often a man of very few words at all once he’s in front of the audience. Less is more. He’s a man who defies genres, defies identification and acts like the fourth wall doesn’t even exist.

He clowns, he mimes, he’s a stand up, he does everything from anthropomorphising bricks to picking up members of the audience. Literally. I’ve watched him spend minutes getting the audience pronounce the word “coffee” in a Boston accent. It doesn’t make sense, it shouldn’t work, but it does. Cworfee. Cworfee.

He doesn’t view comedy as a robotic, equation of set-up punch, he sees it as an outlet for entertainment in whatever form it takes. He’s the most positive person I’ve met. Borderline euphoric at times. That’s what makes him exciting. That’s what makes him vital.

Seeing Tim perform live is no passive experience from the audience, he utilises them like props in his humour, exploiting the discomfort to create some truly mischievous and unexpected scenarios. He’s a puppeteer, sometimes literally.

He began performing in 2012, back then a resident of Townsville, telling jokes in the pubs and clubs to anyone who’d listen. As with most starting off with comedy, his initial style was relatively down-the-line. Set-up-punch following a play on words following a well trodden formula. Though it was a great learning experience, Tim knew that he had something different to offer.

Over time he began to realise more positive reactions from the physical actions in his comedy. He began realise that verbosity is not necessarily a good thing. It was physical comedy, clowning and mime that truly connected with him, giving him the outlet that felt natural.

Such is the stature and respect for his unique style, he’s a regular staple of Get It Inya, the often-sold-out sketch comedy night based in Brisbane. He’s not part of any sketch per se, there’s literally a part of the show for him being Tim. He’s also supported David Liebe Hart of Tim and Eric fame. The affinity to Tim and Eric is undeniable in style (and name), both pushing the borders of what you can and cannot do to make people laugh. Culture jammers doing it their own way. Salame.

Tim has performed in multiple Brisbane Fringe seasons as part of Weird and Beard. He’s also performed at the Adelaide Fringe, Wonderland Festival, a sell-out season as part of Queensland Cabaret Festival’s Ripe N Ready new acts showcase. Most recently he was part of the Short+Sweet Cabaret at Brisbane’s own Powerhouse.

Tim doesn’t humiliate, he uses the audience as his straight man. He brings to life classic slapstick and can create a ‘straight-man’ out of anything, regardless of species or consciousness.

If all this wasn’t enough, Tim is also a prolific writer whose knowledge of popular culture is mind-blowingly broad. He’s your go to guy for anything and everything with music, comedy, film and general pop culture. You try and recommend something to him, but he already knows it and throws something incredible right back at you. This breadth of knowledge gives his art a self-awareness which allows you to enjoy it on multiple levels. He almost got himself hired by Buzzfeed through a subversive viral campaign, but you can ask him about that yourself.

For these reasons and more we’re beyond excited to have Tim as one of our performers at our next event Hawk The Slayer on Wednesday 14th September.


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