Who Is Richie Goodacre?

Richie’s comedy career was from a disadvantage from the start. He’s from New Zealand. Fortunately he corrected that at the age of 12 when he moved to Brisbane where he’s lived ever since. In the few years since 2012 when Richie debuted on the Brisbane scene with his “Exit Laughing” set, he’s quickly become a well known and respected name on the local circuit. There isn’t a single comedian in Brisbane who doesn’t know Richie. When he’s not working as a producer on Caboolture Community Radio, he’s on multiple line ups every week on the thriving comedy scene around Brisbane.

In 2014 he performed his one man show Fear And Self-Loathing in Brisbane as part of the Brisbane Fringe Festival where he explored his experiences since moving to Brisbane as a man born with cerebral palsy and who has epilepsy. It was a poignant yet hilarious exploration into the psyche of a man who is hugely self-aware and devastatingly funny. In a city where many venues have no way to the stage for wheelchair users other than being physically carried up stairs, Richie doesn’t let anything get in the way of making people laugh. Once he’s there, no subject is out of bounds, from dick jokes to democracy.

He says he often gets comparisons to Steady Eddy, but has made a massive headway in a short space of time to create a style that is unmistakably his own. Richie’s created a laid back style that draws the audience in and isn’t afraid to make himself the butt of the joke.

In 2015 he returned to the Brisbane Fringe, this time with Nick Morgan-Moore as part of a two man show coincidentally sharing a double bill with the other performers from this CCC at the very same Milk Factory where we are based. It’s as though this was all meant to be.

This year he was branded Ha!lol! Certified as part of the Bris Funny Fest performing with a plethora of Brisbane’s finest, a place he fits into with ease. The show was a resounding success, one of the highlights of the whole festival, in no small part to Richie.

Richie has developed his own storytelling style frequently taking the audience on unexpected tangents. He lives for comedy and finds the funny side of everything. His motivation to get started with stand up in the first place was because “a lot of people were liking my jokes on Facebook, so I thought why not?”. He makes people laugh. You can’t argue with that. Since then his evolution has been unstoppable.

Richie is integral to the comedy scene in South East Queensland, having run multiple rooms in the area and was picked as part of Brisbane’s elite up and coming comedian set to perform at “Lucky Dip” as part of this year’s Brisbane Comedy Festival. He’s a pivotal part of what makes the Brisbane scene what it is today.

Coming fresh from the lineup of this year’s renowned Comedy Conglomerate, Richie’s keen eye, a love of cinema and a sharp wit that makes him the perfect addition to the lineup for Hawk The Slayer on Wednesday 14th September.


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