Who Is Charnstar Anderson?

As far as cinema goes in this here shire of Brisbane, only Charnstar Anderson compares with our own Kristian Fletcher in his level of passion and thirst for knowledge. If film were a sandwich, Charnstar would be the bread AND the filling. He’d also be the plate or container the sandwich rested upon, depending on where the sandwich came from. It’d taste of film. He would taste of film. 8mm film. It wouldn’t make for a great sandwich, but maybe you shouldn’t be eating people in the first place. You get the picture.

He’s a film student. It’s what he does. He’s an actor. He’s the second Inbetweeners film and the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean film too. He’s just finished a short documentary on stand up comedy. In other words, if film were a tuxedo, Charnstar would be the bowtie, cumberband AND cufflinks. etc. etc. You get the picture.

To have a conversation with Charnstar about film is to realise how little you really know. If I knew the trivia quiz had a film round, I’d need him or Kristian. Not both, that would be too much, we need to keep the team broad or we’ll never win that prize.

When I talk cinema with him sometimes I think he’s making the titles up, playing on my own naivety. “That was borrowed from the 1972 rare Buster Bonds sci-fi opera Doctor Lamp, Is That The Time? Have you seen it?”. I have not seen it. I have not seen it because I made it up just then. It does not exist. However if Charnstar had actually said that, even if it returned zero hits on Google, I’d still believe him.

On top of that, he just happens to be an incredibly insightful, witty individual who casts a merciless cynical view on current affairs, politics, baking cookies, you name it. He’s the sort of person who can pull something out of nothing and leave your sides in pain in return. To clarify I mean in pain from laughing.

At this point it must seem pretty clear that Charnstar is the perfect comedian for Comedy Commentary Cinema right? So why didn’t I book him sooner? Well brainiac, what if Kristian ended up chatting to him and realised he’d paired up with the wrong guy? My ability to quote multiple lines from every episode of the Police Academy series can only win me so much favour. Charnstar was probably in them.

He describes himself as “Brisbane’s Homemade Asexual Transvestite Comedian”, one element of which results in frequent comparisons with Eddie Izzard (including from Damien Power). Though there are worse comedy idols to be compared with, there’s nothing trite or derivative about Charnstar’s comedy stylings. He’s refreshingly bold and unguarded with his observations and his on stage persona is nothing more than a slight amplification of the person he is in real life. He’s got a mind like a diamond and a tongue like a sword juxtaposed with an affableness that makes you warm to him before he’s barely opened his mouth.

He’s performed at the Brisbane Fringe festival multiple times, perhaps most memorable with one particular sketch so convoluted, so surreal it was the perfect anti-joke. Just revealing its title would give the whole thing away. Let’s just say it involves more tea than I could drink in a week and I’m British. You get the picture.

It’s all enough to make you sick really. Thankfully I found some parody music online that he’d made that sounded downright awful. Listening to it soothed my fragile ego slightly, but it was a pyrrhic victory when you remember everything else. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for the next CCC audience, he’s a great comedian and has the insight to be able to make observations most people would never know were there. Come watch him work his magic on Wednesday 14th September as we delve into Hawk The Slayer.


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