Hawk The Slayer FACTS

Are you ready? Do you have your medieval costume ready? Nor me. Basically without Hawk The Slayer there would be no Game Of Thrones, no Star Wars, no Lord Of The Rings, hell even no Bible. That’s how amazing Hawk is. It transcends time. Did you know…

  • A quote from the film is referenced in Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us the second track on the album Hot Cakes performed by the U.K. band The Darkness.
  • The film has developed a cult following over the years. Bill Bailey, Simon Pegg and rock musician Rick Wakeman are fans of the film.
  • Several references to the film appear in the second series of the British sitcom Spaced.
  • Ferdy Mayne plays the father of Jack Palance in this movie, although he is only thee years older than Palance.
  • Jack Palance was injured in a fight scene with John Terry when Terry’s sword punctured Palance’s body. Palance didn’t stop and completed the take. Afterwards, director Terry Marcel went over to see if Palance was alright, the veteran actor cast any concerns aside and continued with the shoot.
  • Although planned as the start of a franchise amid much local publicity, the movie was released in the UK as the supporting feature to Saturn 3 (1980) before it was picked up for theatrical distribution in some territories such as North America.
  • In January 2009, a sequel to this 1980 movie, Hawk the Hunter was announced, the sequel’s scheduled release will be thirty-one years after this movie. The tagline reads: “The Slayer returns. The Hunt begins”.
  • Bernard Bresslaw hurt his neck rather badly in the scene where a nun drugs him towards the end of the picture. As he fell down, his armour dug in underneath his jaw. Being a trooper, though, he carried right on acting.
  • Actress Patricia Quinn playing a sorceress woman witch burnt her hand when too much flash powder was used whilst she was stirring the pot of her magic cauldron.
  • A number of story elements have been said to have been influenced by ‘Star Wars’. The magical flying sword was called “The Power”; the elf and dwarf characters C3PO and R2D2 equivalents whilst Voltan’s outfit resembled Darth Vader’s costume. Moreover, Voltan’s half-helmet has also been compared with the Phantom of the Opera’s mask.
  • Actor Bernard Bresslaw playing Gort was injured when in a fight scene with a stuntman, Bresslaw hurled his hammer at his opponent’s torso upon which he fell but the weapon also fell upon Bresslaw’s head requiring six stitches.
  • The sound effect used for the Black Wizard’s healing crystal is the one used for the sound of Scaramanga’s laser in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974).
  • Director Terry Marcel went on to direct two more sword and sorcery type movies, Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1983) and Jane and the Lost City (1987).
  • Veteran Hollywood actor Jack Palance was about sixty years of age when this movie came out.
  • Playing the giant Gort in this film, actor Bernard Bresslaw would about two years later go onto to play another giant, the Cyclops in Krull (1983), another sword-and-sorcery movie.
  • This was the last full length cinema film of Harry Andrews.

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