West End Magazine review

A big thanks to West End Magazine for their review of our last event Killer Workout. You can read it and see the pictures here. Like our page, follow us on Twitter & Instagram and stay tuned for our return in 2017! Advertisements

A Big Thanks To Ashwin & Emily

A huge thanks to our amazing guest comedians Emily McCool & Ashwin Segkar for yet another classic night of Comedy Commentary Cinema. That’s our last show of 2016 and thanks to everyone that’s performed or attended one of our events this year.

Who Is Emily McCool?

“Part of comedy is embracing myself, and hating myself publicly on stage.”

Who Is Ashwin Segkar?

“An iguana was probably the first thing I ever performed to at the Botanical Gardens. Then this guy told me to leave, I think I must have muscled in on someone’s turf. He was homeless, it was where he sleeps and I was doing my tight five in his bedroom.”

Killer Workout Trivia

Our next film is Killer Workout, or as it was originally called Aerobicide. Aerobicide was, of course, a far better name, but much like when ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ upset many Philosophers when it was renamed ‘Harry Potter And The Sorcerors Stone’ to appease US audiences, this film got renamed Killer Workout. Hey,…