Killer Workout Trivia

Our next film is Killer Workout, or as it was originally called Aerobicide. Aerobicide was, of course, a far better name, but much like when ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ upset many Philosophers when it was renamed ‘Harry Potter And The Sorcerors Stone’ to appease US audiences, this film got renamed Killer Workout. Hey, who are we to judge, we are literally called Comedy Commentary Cinema. There is absolutely no ambiguity or mystique in that name. In our defence, the last thing we wanted was a bunch of people getting their gussets browned when some comedians start swearing over the film.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of those facts about the 1987 “classic”:

  • In his book Horror and Science Fiction Film IV, Donald C Willis referred to the film as a “lame horror thriller” that was “crude at everything – t&a displays in the gym, suspense sequences, plot twists.”
  • Fritz Matthews, who plays Jimmy Hallik in the film, built the tanning bed shown at the start of the film.
  • The director found it very hard working with the director of photography because “He had no respect at all for me and fought me all the way on every single thing we shot.”
  • Look out for the boom mic reflected in Jimmy’s car as he fights with Chuck.
  • Every song on the soundtrack to this film is a stone cold classic.
  • A film with a very similar plot titled Death Spa was released the year after this one. At one point during Killer Workout you can see the words Death Spa graffitied on a window.
  • A fear of safety pins is a symptom of belonophobia.

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