Second Take Podcast – DOA: Dead Or Alive

In true CCC tradition, when Steve guested on the Second Take Podcast, he was there to review a terrible, terrible film. DOA: Dead Or Alive, so bad they named it twice in case you nodded off after the first time. You can listen to the Podcast online here. Advertisements

Comedy Commentary Cinema Courier Cail

The last word should have been Mail, but that would have ruined the alliteration. Anyway, here’s that article from the newspaper now up on the Courier Mail website.

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CCC In The South East Advertiser

How many times have you seen Steve’s face today? Well that number is about to increase by one, because here’s an article on Comedy Commentary Cinema in today’s issue of the South East Advertiser newspaper which features a large version of said face.

Happy “Was it Valentine’s Day yesterday?” Day!

Wonder no more, my friend, because we have the perfect way in which to save your life. That’s right, we are going to save your life. We are an event. I’m not even a human, this is all AI. All you do is follow this simple five-step program:

Hard Ticket To Hawaii

Prepare yourself 2017, because Comedy Commentary Cinema’s back, and this time we mean business.

What better way to start the new year than with Andy Sedaris’s classic Hard Ticket to Hawaii? Screening at our regular popup cinema at The Milk Factory, South Brisbane we are joined this time with guest commentary from Michelle Azevedo & Ryan Sim.

Potter Unplotted

50% of the crime fighting* CCC duo is rehearsing as part of the fabulous Potter Unplotted production which ImproMafia will be debuting at this year’s Brisbane Comedy Festival. This way, you can get your impro fix based on a series of films (which just happened to be books first) which feature that British wizard guy. Hey, let’s face it, those first two films directed by Chris Columbus weren’t the best. He can discover America, but character nuance was a bridge too far.