Potter Unplotted

Happy new year to one and all!

Yeah, it’s February, but Kristian and I have been on leave. Plans are almost confirmed for our 2017 program, you can’t rush these things, they’ve gotta be just right. We match the worst films with the best comedians, like wine pairing at a fancy restaurant. You don’t have to tip, but hey, it was a great meal, why not.

In the meantime, 50% of the crime fighting* CCC duo is rehearsing as part of the fabulous Potter Unplotted production which ImproMafia will be debuting at this year’s Brisbane Comedy Festival. This way, you can get your impro fix based on a series of films (which just happened to be books first) which feature that British wizard guy. Hey, let’s face it, those first two films directed by Chris Columbus weren’t the best. He can discover America, but character nuance was a bridge too far.

The production runs at Brisbane Powerhouse from Feb 28th – 5th March. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Potter buff, or prefer the ceramic version of potter, this show’s got something for everyone. Get your tickets here before it’s too late, the weekend shows have single figure number of tickets left!



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