Convince Me!

If you’re at a loose end this evening, then pop along to King George Square where CCC co-founder Steven Morgan (me, I’m writing this in third person) will be taking part in a debate on a yet-to-be-disclosed subject in Act/React‘s Convince Me! which is part of this year’s Brisbane Comedy Festival.

Being an amoral asshole, he (I) will be sure to use the Trumpiest of methods to ensure that facts don’t get in the way of making a point. Watch as he (I) question the credentials of others, play into the fears of the audience, and occasionally stay on subject. Either that or he (I) roll up into a ball, start crying and defecating until I’m rolling around in a physical pile of my own shame.

Either way, it should be a great spectacle for the audience. The subject is announced at 18:30 with the debate starting at 19:30 after the teams have an hour to prepare.

See you there.


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