Cluedo! The Interactive Game

Remember that 1985 film Clue? The one that featured Tim Curry and was based on a board game? “Who in their right minds would base a film on a board game!?” they cried. Little did they know what the future would bring.

Anyway, one-half of our intrepid CCC duo will be performing as part of an ensemble cast bringing said Cluedo board game to life in the immersive theatre extravaganza Cluedo! The Interactive Game. It’s proving the most popular event as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival for 2017 with the first date of May 5th having sold out entirely and a second one on May 19th being added due to phenomenal demand.

Did I mention it’s the Kookaburra Queen Steamboat? Well it is. Oh yeah. Also, there’s a jazz / swing band playing the greatest hits of the time and the audience are encouraged to dress up for the 1930s theme for the most fabulous experience.

Let’s face it, it’s going to be amazing. Immersive theatre, in general, is an experience like no other, and when you take into account the incredible cast they’ve got lined up, this is an event not to be missed.

Only a fool would miss out on this, an absolute fool. Fooly Fool Face. Fooly Fool McFoolio of Fool Lane, Foolsville. I pity the fool, as BA Baracus would say. Did he do it? Probably not. Someone did though.


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