CCC on 4ZZZ Film Club from 18:00 tomorrow night!

“You got my radio on? Can you hear me now?” shouted Steve Albini ten years ago, on the epic track “The End Of Radio”.

Fortunately, it wasn’t the end of radio and radio is still out there happening all over the place. Everywhere you look there’s a bunch of radio! In the car, on the phone, in the toaster, it’s radio gaga! Someone should write a song about that.

Tomorrow night, Steve will be guesting on the 4ZZZ film club talking about CCC and other things too, no doubt. Why is he doing this? Well our next CCC event is rapidly approaching and the 4ZZZ weekly film club is a great place where great cinema is discussed. All of this will be shelved for a Welsh idiot to talk about bad films for a few minutes and then decent service will resume.

If you can’t listen live on 102.1fm, then go to their website after it’s been broadcast to listen back. You have to wait until it’s recorded though, as otherwise, it won’t have happened yet.

Peace, one love!

Edit: Now you CAN listen online, as it’s past tense! Starts at approx 21:30.


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