Hands Of Steel 3rd July with Michael Connell & Simone Eclair!

Join us Monday 3rd July for the 1986 Italian science fiction film Hands Of Steel with Michael Connell & Simone Eclair!


Who Is Brittany White?

Brittany White is a big name in the Brisbane impro scene, regularly performing as part of big name events around Brisbane bringing her unique, quick-witted comedy style to anything she’s involved with. She has a certain brand of black comedy which she masterfully handles which is as ridiculous as it is hilarious. It’s no wonder…

Who Is Luke Rimmelzwaan?

If you Google the name Rimmelzwaan, you get the supposed meaning of “Helpful, Knowledgeul, Shy” from a website called NamesLook. Now, I don’t go out of my way to be cynical, but I’m fairly sure that Knowledgeul isn’t a word and that Googling this has taught me nothing. When it comes to Rimmelzwaan, the only word you…