Who is Simone Eclair?

Simone is not afraid to tell you what she thinks. Her mind is sharp, her wit is quick, and she’s damn funny. When I asked her “With so many talents, how do you describe yourself and what you do?”, she responded

“So many talents” is vague enough to offer faint praise without acknowledging any specific skills- well played.

In a conversation with Simone, you’d better bring your A-game or it’s not going to end well for you. In her own words she’s

An ideological hypocrite with something to prove. I try to hide my bad attitude behind humour so I can slowly plot my revenge. I’m also raising three children- pro bono- on behalf of society so it’s nice to shout opinions down a microphone from time to time.

Where others will dress their words up to try and win someone over for what they’re going to say next, just like I am doing now, Simone cuts the bullshit right down and tells it as it is.

I don’t like dogs. I’m not allowed to disclose this because I’m also a bisexual leftie vegetarian feminist so I’m already at peak unlikeable.

She’s built a loyal following from the tireless gigging she’s done, whether hosting her own shows, performing around the city, or touring other parts of the country. She’s not happy to take the conventional path and despite having only been performing for two years, her presence is such that you’d think she’d been doing it forever. If she could travel back in time she would be

An amoeba in primordial ooze. They seem super chill and have the basics all worked out.


Simone is an outspoken feminist, which though laudable, doesn’t make things easy as a comedian in South East Queensland. I asked her what she finds funny, she responded “Reverse sexism“. Not that any of it bothers Simone though, she’s more than capable of taking someone apart if they dare to have a go.

I like being heckled because it gives me a chance to respond spontaneously and I can finally say all the shit the P&C can’t handle.

Her favourite thing about being a comedian is

the secret nod between women when we get the joke first. And the non-stop sex(ual harassment).

As a mother and a writer, she’s not satisfied to take the easy life. Her motivation, passion and drive comes through in everything that she does, which makes you tired just watching it while she makes it all seem easy.

I throw all the balls in the air, watch them hit the ground in quick succession and sob. But I make sure I post the pic of all the balls in the air to Facebook.

On top of all of this, she’s an incredibly likeable person. It’s a rare combination that also makes her an incredible comedian, owning the stage as she finds ways creative of deconstructing the world around her. Her goals are simple.

If I could hold onto some kind of consistent positive emotional state that would be ace. Basically, I want enlightenment.

For some comedians performing is therapeutic, for some it gives a rush unlike anything else in their lives. For Simone, however, it was a little different.

I started with Raw Comedy and persist due to a chronic personality flaw.

Though originally from Brisbane, she hasn’t always lived here, I asked what her thoughts were on this city.

I love Brisbane. At first, I thought it was too hick so I moved to Sydney and it was too expensive and shallow so I moved to Melbourne and it was too cold and trendy so I moved back and it was just right. I’m the Goldilocks of Brisbane.

She’s also big into cinema, and has a lot to say about it, which is lucky for our next audience as that’s exactly what she’ll be doing.

My most controversial opinion on Facebook (according to comments) was that Deadpool was happy to break the fourth wall but not gender stereotypes. Happy to reignite that fire anytime. I do not enjoy Star Wars films.

Catch Simone Eclair alongside Michael Connell at our next Comedy Commentary Cinema event at Saccharomyces Beer Cafe in South Brisbane on Monday July 3rd as they deconstruct Hands Of Steel.


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