Hi Trash Pandas!

With just one week until the next Comedy Commentary Cinema, some of you may be wondering what the hell our upcoming film is. Well, here’s a little info about Escape From Galaxy 3!

Escape From Galaxy 3 is a 1981 Italian disco space-opera made with a very small budget. It’s also called Starcrash 2, being billed as a sequel to another Italian science-fiction cult-classic, the David-Hasselhoff- and Christopher-Plummer-starring Starcrash. In terms of story, the films have no relation to each other except Escape From Galaxy 3 reuses a lot of space-footage from Starcrash (we did say there was a small budget).

The film’s director is Ben Norman, a pseudonym of Italian exploitation director Bitto Albertini, who was responsible for soft-core porn films Black Emanuelle and Yellow Emanuelle.

Escape From Galaxy 3 follows Princess Belle Star (Sherry Buchanan) and Space Captain Lithan (James Milton). Their planet has been attacked by the evil and fabulously-dressed Oraclon, The King Of The Night (Don Powell, not the drummer from Slade). The pair escapes to a primitive planet, where they regroup and also learn about sex. Check out the trailer below:

Along with witty commentary from Natalie Bochenski and Amy Currie, expect cheap special-effects, poor acting, gratuitous nudity, and such dialogue as “Prepare the uranium vapour rockets!” The film is 100% terrible, but Comedy Commentary Cinema promises to make it 100% fun!

Escape From Galaxy 3 will screen at Saccharomyces Beer Cafe, South Bank, on Monday 13 November. Tickets can be purchased here. More info can be found on the Facebook event.


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