Who Is Amy Currie?

If you’re a fan of improvised comedy, you will surely have seen our guest commentator Amy Currie. “I’ve been flailing my limbs on Brisbane stages at regular intervals for about a decade now,” she says.

Amy has long been a member of Brisbane’s premier improvised comedy company Impromafia, directing and featuring in a number of their productions. Audiences will have seen Amy as the elderly busybody Enid Purser in English-murder-mystery Murder Village (“We shouldn’t be enjoying murder so much”), or delightfully describing interactions between viruses and boogers in the children’s show Gruesome Yarns. No matter the role, Amy is a passionate performer who lights up the stage.

“I can’t imagine not performing,” she says. “I’ve always been driven by the urge to make people think I’m clever and funny. I wish I could say it was more noble, but it isn’t. It’s exactly the same thing that motivated me when I was putting on a little play in the garage when I was seven.”

Improv has taken Amy to quite a few places, including New York City, Manila, Beijing, and, “most excitingly, Canberra!” Often she’ll be joined on these adventures by frequent collaborator and fellow commentator Natalie Bochenski. The pair will next perform at Brisbane Powerhouse’s Wonderland Festival in Love/Hate, Actually, where they will debate the merits of Richard Curtis’ seasonal romcom.

“Nat and I have the same heated discussion each and every festive season. She is a bitter, cruel Grinch who can’t stand Love Actually. As I am capable of human feelings, I think it’s lovely. This year, we’re taking our battle to the stage and letting the audience decide. We both expect to win by a large margin.”

Amy’s dual love of improvised comedy and cinema makes her a perfect commentator for Comedy Commentary Cinema’s screening of Escape From Galaxy 3. Whether Love, Actually is trash is debatable (literally! They’re doing a show that’s just that!), Amy does have a fondness for all things kitsch.

“I enjoy kitsch, terrible things. I love finding the very worst thing at an op shop and proudly displaying it in my home. This is pretty much the cinematic equivalent – plus it’s always fun to be mean. At the moment, I’m really into trashy British reality docos. Sex Lives of Penny-Pinching Gypsy Dwarves, that sort of thing. Oh, and it’s a cliché, but I have always loved shouting at the screen during The Room. I’ve avoided googling our film, Escape From Galaxy 3, but I understand it is Italian and features space love. I know nothing about either. It’s going to be brilliant!”

Escape From Galaxy 3 will screen at Saccharomyces Beer Cafe, South Bank, on Monday 13 November. Tickets can be purchased here. More info can be found on the Facebook event.


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